About us

How we started.

Since 2012, Good Care Children Ministry started with a mission of Mainstreaming the orphans, semi-orphans and street children in the national building by building care and support with shelter, food, education, medication, among others. We grant wishes that will give hope to children, youth, elderly and single mothers in Mityana district and Uganda atlarge through preaching the word of the Almighty God. Good Care Children Ministry is a place where all orphans,less priviledged and street children are free from physical, emotional and spiritual torture with hope for tomorrow. We do not raise fund for ourselves. Indeed, we use all the funds that come through charity in the best of the best way in terms of holistic development of children of all age groups. Our team is relentlessly working day and night to ensure that there will be no hassle for our funding donors.

We are a community charity that passionately believes every child has a right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood. Since 2016, we have been supporting HIV/AIDS-orphans and vulnerable populations in Mityana, Uganda.

Support the Homeless

We support the homeless children by providing them with shelter and in this we provide food and other needs to them.Join us and support the art and designing project where we train them how to design different items using free hands. Your donation to the needy will go directly to the work and projects in the ministry. We are a no profit making organisation.






Children Supported

Support the Vulnerable

Help us to create shelter for homeless children in Africa

Our vision is to build and operate a complete Primary School where English, math, science, computer and life skills will be taught. We will care for the children until their ability-appropriate level of education (secondary school, trade school, university) is complete, then provide one year of living expenses. These endeavors will prepare the children to enter the Ugandan workforce as self-sustaining productive citizens.
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Our Team

Meet our good hearted and self driven team of administrators who volunteer in the smooth running of the ministry