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Know more about the Child Care Project in Buwaya Foundation Uganda.

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Serve the Children of God in Uganda.


We act on spreading the word of God through evangelizing and discipling different souls in diffrent homes and communities.

We do not only empower women or empower the innocent little orphans but we go direct to the homes of the poor helpless lives to make sure they can have a smile of hope through constructing them houses, get them beddings, give them medication, provide food and also provide guiding and counselling to the infected families with HIV/AIDS.More so we do not forget to preach the Gospel to them because it is the ultimate global mandate to every man under the sun. Join us give hope to broken poor families through donating to this charity organisation.

Jesus said “let the children come to me for such is the kingdom of Heaven”, and in this we do our best that children come closer to God through studying God’s word and learning more about how to live a Godly way in the society.

Our Livelihood Support program has the sole focus of driving poverty reduction. We aim to increase people's control of their natural resources, build reliable and fair access to food, and empower the extreme poor through increasing the skills, knowledge and resources they need to restore people's dignity. The programme further addresses vulnerability and increases resilience; programs that address vulnerability by strengthening individual and collective capacity to withstand shocks are more effective in enabling vulnerable families to achieve their livelihood in levels of food security, income security, health, well-being, asset accumulation and high status in the community. BUFO uses a participatory approach to support the rural communities to create sustainable suitable sources of income, food security and health hence improving socio-economic peoples’ livelihoods

As a child rights agency, BUFO provides a protective environment for children in communities where her programs are implemented. As a preventive measure to child abuse and exploitation, BUFO continuously builds and strengthens the capacity of local council leaders, child protection committees, police, community development leaders and religious leaders who are mainly targeted with the aim of augmenting child protection efforts. We also conduct periodic community civic education and dialogues to reach grass root stakeholders and build their child abuse response capacity.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart form it”, discipling a child in the way of the Lord help them overcome different challenges in life and also work to reduce crime rate while it is still down.

Therefore, We welcome any support you can manage to support our Child Care project in our country Uganda.

Child care project image