Know more about the Farming Project in Buwaya Foundation Uganda

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Farming facts in Uganda.

Uganda is a landlocked and fertile country with many lakes and rivers. Some 83% of the population live in rural areas and rely on subsistence agriculture.

More than half live in poverty without reliable access to food, as despite Uganda’s good soil and favourable weather, there are many barriers preventing poor farmers making the most of the country’s growing economy.

Buwaya Foundation Uganda works with rural Ugandans to increase the value of their harvests through better farming practices and simple processing of any surplus they produce. We help them find ways of earning a living that are suited to their natural environment, so they can improve their lives without damaging the natural resources they rely on.

Jesus said “let the children come to me for such is the kingdom of Heaven”, and in this we do our best that children come closer to God through studying God’s word and learning more about how to live a Godly way in the society.

Agriculture in eastern Africa needs intense development to realise its potential.

We helps farmers push up the quantity, quality and value of what they produce. Working with farmers growing crops, keeping livestock and managing fisheries, we help ensure farmers make the most of their land. We share our expertise in growing the most appropriate and profitable crops. We help farmers gain access to high-quality inputs, improve soil quality, conserve water and prepare for climate shocks.

Buwaya Foundation Uganda promotes the sustainable management of fields, forests, grazing lands and water resources. We use our expertise in participatory forest and rangeland management to bring farmers, governments and other stakeholders together to make agreements on using natural resources sustainably, for the benefit of all. We help develop plans for the holistic management of landscapes, so that gains from rural development in one region are not cancelled out by losses in another.

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